I was talking with someone the other day who wanted to change careers but they were concerned about the risks involved in doing this, their confidence was dropping. They were questioning themselves on whether they were making the right decision, what about their finances, what if they changed their mind, what if they didn’t like what they had chosen next, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball so we can’t see how things are going to turn out so when it comes to changing careers, some of this is about taking a leap of faith, but there are certain things we can consider to ensure that we can manage these risks to feel comfortable in ourselves as much as we can.

If you are wanting to change career but are worried about if it could go wrong here are my top 3 ways to reframe the situation, building your confidence, to help deal with any concerns:

  1. What effect is your currently career having on you, your family life, your other relationships, your wellbeing etc. Consider all elements in your life that are important to you and the impact your current career is having on them. What impact would it have on your life now, in 2 or 5 years’ time if you found a new career where you are fulfilled? Again consider all the elements in life that are important to you. Reflecting on what the change will mean and why you are doing it may help your focus with the change and support your reasons for it, giving you more confidence.
  1. If you are concerned that a new role may not work out remember that we often contemplate about what if it doesn’t work out, turn this around – what if it does? What difference would that make to you? After all the same could be said for any new role we move into, even if it is in the same industry or you are doing the same role. Any move comes with some risk of it not being right.
  1. What do you consider when taking other job moves, such as moving role into another company, so it feels right? This will help you with what to consider with your career change to make you feel more comfortable. Think about what you would need to know, feel, have in place or understand to be able to feel that the risk is managed or low enough for you to take the step towards your new career.

Here’s a bonus way to look at it differently:

Remember when you went into your first career did you know how it was going to turn out? No, but you went for it, have developed it and progressed it whilst navigating changes along the way. Even if what you do first is not exactly right for you remember it is part of your exploration to find the right next career for you and will help you assess more and guide you to the next step.

Want more clarity and confidence?

My Cracking Career Change Programme can help you with this as we get you clear on your wants, needs and desires for your next step so that you feel empowered to take the right step for your future career. Contact Me to find out how working with me through this programme can help you.

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