Do you see yourself as having potential for a different role but can’t see the path to get there? Do you feel destined for greater things? Has the past year got you reflecting on what you are doing and you want to find something that fits your talents but maybe also gives something back?

These are my top 3 things to consider to help you set yourself on the path to reach your potential:

  1. In previous blog I mentioned describing your skills without using jargon, so that rather than seeing them in your current role, you can see them as the transferable skills they are that can help you to reach your potential. Consider these skills and how you can develop them or use them in another way. What skills do you have that are being under-utilised?

  1. Make sure you get clarity on what you want to do, where you want to progress. Consider where you are now and where you want to be? What will you be doing, where will you be working, with whom and how will you be working for you to feel that you have reached your potential?

  1. It doesn’t always mean leaving where you are currently working? Where, in your current organisation could there be an opportunity for you to work in a role where you are better able to utilise your skills and reach your potential? Consider who you could speak to in order to discuss your aspirations and how they can be achieved.

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