It’s that time of year when a lot of people have returned from the holidays having spent the time away from work reflecting on whether they are in the right role or company for them. This leads to lots of people starting to search for new roles and make those all-important applications.

If this is you and it’s been a while since you last applied for a role, here are some ideas on how you can set yourself up with a winning mindset ahead of applying:

1. Write your own job description!

Do you see a job description as one-sided approach and you can’t have any input? Think again….

Before you start looking at job descriptions consider what would be ideal for you. What would your next role look like? Really think about the specifics, what would it look like, feel like? This will also help you focus on researching for the right company to work for and what to ask in interview.

As some of you know I work part-time in an HR role which I love. When I was looking for this role back in 2018 I did a check list of my requirements, kind of like my own job description such as the hours I wanted to work, the type of work I wanted to do and the team I wanted to work with. I am pleased that I ticked 95% off my list with this role as I kept this in mind with my applications and then during interviews.

2. Reconsider how you rate yourself when you look at a job description? Don’t discount yourself from a role if you can’t tick all the boxes.

During a discussion at a workshop I attended it was discussed how we often look at a job description and disregard them because we can’t do all of the job, women especially do this. Before you discount yourself look at what is essential and what is desirable. You don’t need to be able to do it all otherwise you’d be looking for the next role up. As someone who has been involved in recruitment for years I am also looking for what the individual can bring that’s not on the job description that can add value.

3. Get yourself in the right mindset.

Remind yourself of times when you have previously successfully applied for roles or gone for promotion at work. How did you approach this? What did you do that made it successful for you? What ideas, actions, approach from this could you use in your current situation to assist you to set yourself up with a successful mindset?

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