If you are looking for a new career but don’t know where to start then start with what you do know. One area that can help is your hobbies. After all, this is how you choose to spend your time as you enjoy what you are doing. This could lead you to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

What to consider?

Start to think about what you enjoy spending your time doing or what activities you do for fun then use the following to consider how you could use these as career ideas:

Idea 1:

Could you turn a hobby into a career? Lots of people have done it for example carpentry, painting, car maintenance, make-up artist, social media, or photographer. Who do you know who has turned their hobby into a career that you could get advise from. Do your research on finances, feasibility, logistics on doing it etc. Could you trial it besides your current career?

Idea 2:

If you don’t want to turn your hobby into a career think about what is it that you enjoy about the activities. What do they bring to you? How do they make you feel? What does it give you that you may not get from other things you do? Really consider the positive impact and what you gain from these activities to give you ideas of what you could look for in a new career or role.

Idea 3:

Consider what skills and knowledge you use in your hobbies that you don’t normally use in your career which could be used in a future career, add these to your list of transferable skills (and don’t forget to add them to your cv!). Start to notice what you do, what comes naturally and what you enjoy.

Working with me:

Some elements of my Cracking Career Change programme look specifically at your hobbies to gain this knowledge in more depth as well as considering what is feasible as a new career. Contact me to arrange a free discovery call to find out if my Programme or any elements of it is a good fit for you to gain clarity and inspiration to put together a plan to move forward on your career path.

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