With all that is going on are you concerned about whether now is the best time to be looking for a new role? Whilst we are definitely living in different times at the moment and the job market is not the way that it has been for opportunities this does not mean that you should stop your job search. There is still action you can take which can put you ahead when the situation changes.

Here are my top 5 suggestions:

1. Research

Use the time to research the companies you would be interested in working for, find out the types of roles they have, their application process and who you need to apply to.

Also, now is a great time to see how these companies work, adapt and treat their employees, customers and clients during this time. You are able to get a great insight into how supportive, creative and adaptable potential employers can be.

If you were about to return to work, look into which companies provide return to work programmes and see if any are available to start the conversation about what they offer.

2. Update your cv and covering letter

If the opportunities you are looking for are not available at the moment use the time to update your cv and covering letter, get these ready to go so that when the situation changes so that when the roles you are looking for become more available again you are ready to go.

To do this you could write a list of examples of your achievements, challenges you have overcome, projects you have managed/ participated in and your responsibilities. Remember to include examples from activities outside of work as well. Often you will be able to transfer experience and knowledge from these into the workplace. This will give you a great starting point to be able to tailor your cv for each role you apply for as well as examples you can use in interviews.

3. Update your Social Media

Make sure your social media profiles are up to date. Using the ideas you come up with for point two you can update your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn to showcase your knowledge and experience for potential employers to see.

4. Reflect

Are you unsure about your current role and whether you want to continue to do it but not sure what else you could be doing? Now is great time to reflect on what you really enjoy about your role. What you would like to change? What skills do you already have but you aren’t currently using? What skills would you like to learn? Start to really connect with what you would like to be spending your time doing going forward.

If you are unsure where to start with this consider working with a coach to use the time to get clear on what you really want and the steps you can take to put this into action. Working in a supportive space to openly discuss possibilities in a non-judgemental way can help bring clarity and focus.

5. Apply for jobs

Continue to look for the right role for you. I am still seeing roles being advertised on LinkedIn and other social media so recruitment has not come to a complete stand still. Most application processes are done online either via email or an online portal as well as interviews being carried out online. Now could be the time to start the conversation to explore moving to a new role.

Recent events may have resulted in you feeling stuck and not able to make steps forward in your job search but hopefully these ideas will give you a start to make progress and move in the right direction.

How I can help:

If you are reflecting on what you want to be doing but unsure where to start my Career Change Programme can help you.

Contact me for further details on either programme which I offer online.

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