Do you want to make a career change but are lacking in confidence? Are you spending your time and energy concentrating on the negatives of the situation? Do you compare yourself to others; what they are doing and focussing on their competencies and potential? Is this lack of confidence stopping you in your tracks in making a change to your current career, going for that promotion or making a leap to change career?

My Top 5 Confidence Boosters:

Would you like to refocus your energy and make the positive changes to your career you desire to enable you to reach your goals and potential? Just think of what a difference that positive energy could make to your life. Here are my top 5 confidence boosters to help you build your confidence and make those next steps a reality.

  1. Don’t write yourself off – Do you compare yourself to job descriptions looking at what you don’t have rather than what you can bring to the role? First, check the wording of roles as to what is beneficial and what is essential, then think about your transferable skills. You may not match a new role or promotion exactly but your current skills may be enough as a starting point along with the skills and experience you gain as you carry out the role.
  2. What information do you already hold to remind you of your experience and abilities? Take a look at past testimonials, appraisals, leaving cards etc where you tend to have a lot of comments about what you have achieved but also about the impact you may have had on others. Keep an on-going journal of your achievements to give you that confidence boost when you need it (it is also a way to remind yourself of achievements to add to your cv).
  3. Make building your confidence and self-esteem a regular habit. For example, having a gratitude journal is a great idea. I suggest starting or ending your day with 5 things you were grateful for that day and 5 things you achieved. They don’t have to be big things but start to remind yourself of what you are achieving and what is going well for you.
  4. Give yourself a confidence booster. Think about a past time when you have felt confident in a similar situation and take yourself back to that time. Remind yourself how you felt. What were you doing that made you feel confident? How were you holding yourself, eg how you stood, moved? What were you saying that made you feel confident? Replay this over in your mind until you have the feelings of confidence and use this to help you feel confident in the new situation until your confidence comes through naturally.
  5. Check in with how you talk to yourself. Focus on what you say to yourself and make sure that you support yourself with your words. Afterall, would you say to someone else what you are saying to yourself. If you are not being supportive of yourself with your words, connect in with why not and start to change those words around.

Work with Me:

Increasing your confidence runs throughout my Cracking Career Change Programme as we really get to know where you are at, what you want to do and how you can get there. Contact Me to find out how all or elements of this package can help you with increasing your confidence to be able to make your career change.

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