If you don’t feel fulfilled in your current role and want to change your career start with reflecting on what’s missing and what you want. Read my previous blog to get ideas on what questions to ask yourself to help this reflection then read on for the next step on how to take that reflection.

Here are my top 5 ways you can make changes to your current career:

  1. Change Companies – Often over time companies can change direction, vision, priorities etc and what was once congruent with your own vision and values may no longer be matching them. If this is the case, find one that is more in line with your values, development requirements, way of working etc so that you feel more comfortable in this environment.
  1. Be open to new ideas. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your role but don’t know what to do be open to new ideas as they arise. What have you previously said no to or what have you not considered that would add more interest or develop your skills further in your role? Keep your eyes peeled and listen out for opportunities coming up.
  1. Speak to your manager about what you would like to do, find out what options are available for development etc. If your career is not stretching you enough but you enjoy working with your team and Company what else could you do internally to stretch yourself and meet that need?

Years ago I worked in a role where I felt I wasn’t being challenged but loved my team and the Company. I didn’t want to leave at that time so I discussed with my line manager what I could take on to stretch me. As a result I ended up taking training sessions internally to develop some of the managers. Standing up in front of people is not something that I really enjoy, so be careful what you wish for ?, however, once I got over my initial nervousness of the presenting side I really enjoyed what I was doing and it helped to develop me more in that role and ongoing. I ended up staying in the role for another couple of years before moving on.

What else you could take on or get involved with to develop yourself?

  1. Look at your work life balance / wellbeing at work. When we are not feeling good in ourselves or our work life balance is off balance this can impact on how we feel about our work. If you are not sure of ways to improve your wellbeing here are some for you to consider (and adapt according to your working circumstances)
    • Make sure you get breaks and eat your lunch away from your desk. Even if you don’t think you have time for a break take one as this time away can often do so much to re-energise yourself.
    • If you’re often still working beyond your working hours plan to finish or leave the office 15 minutes earlier
    • What can you delegate/ reprioritise?
  1. Could you add what is missing to your personal life instead of work? It is not always about changing career. For example, if you realise you want more creativity and this is not possible in your career at the moment how can you bring this into your personal life? As we know the two often in a ripple effect between the two – improving one can help the other and this may help fill that need. Could it be that something outside of work, a new hobby perhaps, could be the link to what is missing and provide you with that enjoyment rather than it coming through your job?

Here is some great advise Ferne Cotton in her book Calm:

“At times you can feel trapped and oppressed by the lack of options that lie ahead. If you can’t leave your job or switch things up right now is there someone at your workplace you can talk to who might just understand how you are feeling? Is there a hobby or form of creative escape you can counterbalance your work life with your free time”

What we do outside of work can help boost our mindset, mood and fulfil needs that aren’t being met in work. This in turn can have a positive impact on how we feel at work.

Want more help?

If you are struggling to decide if you want to change career or change something in your current career contact me to find out how my Cracking Career Change Programme can help as we will uncover what role, company, team etc is right for you and therefore what your next steps should be on making a change to your career.

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