Do you think that changing careers means starting all over again? Before you are put off and stay put spend some time considering your transferable skills. You will be surprised by what you already know and use now or have done in the past that you could take with you to a new career.

Here are my top 5 suggestions to help you gain clarity on your transferable skills:

  1. Not sure where to start try an online strengths questionnaire to help to add ideas to the page and see what else you can add. What skills/strengths do you have that were not covered in the questionnaire?
  1. Look at all the roles you have carried out and what skills you have needed to be able to fulfil those roles.
  1. Don’t just think about what you are good at. Also consider what you enjoy but could be trained on or develop further.
  1. Consider all of your skills – inside and outside of work. What organisations are you part of that you provide support to eg PTA, sports clubs etc – what do you do for them? What skills are you using?
  1. Describe your key skills taking away any industry or company jargon so that they are said as plainly as possible to make it easier to see them outside of your current career/ industry.

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