If you are currently applying for a new role chances are it will involve an interview, if you want to increase your confidence ahead of the interview here are some ideas to put in place to be able to build up your confidence. The good news is that it helps your confidence generally as well as for your interviews. The even better news is you can start now (no matter when your interview is).

My top 5 ways to increase your confidence ahead of an interview:

  1. Think about a past time when you have felt confident in a similar situation such as previous interviews or meetings and take yourself back to that time. Remind yourself how you felt. What were you doing that made you feel confident? How were you holding yourself, eg how you stood, moved? What were you saying that made you feel confident? Replay this over in your mind until you have the feelings of confidence. Remind yourself of this confidence ahead of your interviews. Take yourself back to that time as part of your interview prep.
  2. Being grateful is so important and research has found many benefits from it including physical and psychological benefits. It enables us to connect with things that we do have in our lives that are positive and make us happy. Use a gratitude journal or find some way to bring gratitude into your day. I suggest starting or ending your day with 5 things you were grateful for that day and 5 things you achieved. They don’t have to be big things but start to remind yourself of what you are achieving and what is going well for you. You could either write these down or spend time thinking about them.
  3. Keep an Achievement Journal. If you haven’t already, set up an achievement journal to include testimonials, past appraisals, leaving cards from roles etc which you can use to remind yourself of your achievements and also often through the input of others can give a different perspective of what you can bring and remind yourself of the positive impact you have had through your working life.
  4. Use Visualisation. Imagine yourself having a successful interview. How will you feel? What will it look like? What will be happening? What difference will it make to you? Keep imagining it until it starts to feel familiar and more like a memory rather than something you imagine. Visualise yourself being offered the role. This starts your mind getting used to attending interviews.
  5. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Review the job description, your cv, think of examples of relevant experience you have to match their job description. Research the Company, industry, who is interviewing you to give you background ahead of the interview.

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