Are you attending an interview for a new role and feeling uncertain where to start, feeling out of practice, lacking in confidence? These are my top 5 ways to prepare yourself for your interview so that you can present your best self at the interview and land that new role:

1. Research

Research not only the company you are going to see for interview but also who is interviewing you, you may even find you have a mutual connection you could approach for advise on how to approach the interview and what the organisation is looking for. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

2. Review your CV and the job description

Review your cv to remind yourself of your previous roles and experience and compare this to the requirements of the job description. This will enable you to prepare some examples of where you have carried out or shown the experience or behaviours they are looking for.

3. Think about your transferable skills

Do a brainstorm on your work and out of work achievements that you could use in your new career. You would be surprised what is transferable. This can then assist you with ideas for interview answers.

4. Use the STAR technique for answering interview questions

The STAR technique stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. You provide a short description on the Situation, another short one on the Task and then give more detail to the Action and Result. Ensure that if this was as part of a team you are clear with what your involvement was, how you played a part in the result, what action you took etc.

5. Get presentation ready

Does your interview include a presentation but you feel out of practice? Have you tried practicing in front of a camera – we now have so much technology at our disposal we can use it for our advantage, record yourself practicing it and then watch back, constructively comment. (Be careful not to criticise yourself, consider it from the perspective of the recruiter and what they are looking for, what could you change/ improve?)

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