One really important factor to aid our wellbeing whether at work or anywhere else is having support. Support can be practical, emotional, celebratory, face to face, from afar but having it there can make such a difference to what we do and how we feel.

At work, especially when we work for ourselves or in a stand alone role in a company, it can seem ‘lonely’ at times and we often don’t know where to go to for support. Depending on our roles, we may spend hours alone staring at a computer screen and not having much interaction with other people.

Support can help with making change

Support is equally important when you are looking to make a change at work or home. You could try opening up to friends, tell them what’s going on for you. You may find you are in similar situations. From my own experience and from other people I know, however, sometimes you may find that friends can become concerned and not necessarily see the change as positive. This does not mean they are coming from a bad place but it is often through concern, their own fears of change or not knowing how best to support you that they may not appear supportive. This is where finding a great support network of friends, mentors, like-minded people who can help you is such a benefit.

I have met many of my support group through a number of different places, I still have some great friends who I have known for years as well as newer ones I have met at a personal development group or courses I have attended. It’s great to know and be able to share with other like-minded individuals who have been through similar circumstances and ‘get’ my concerns, questions, dreams, celebrations.

Ask for help

One of the important factors to remember in getting to support is asking for it. It may not be obvious to other people that you are looking for help so let them know. We often feel that we may be putting on people if we voice our need for help, or are afraid to admit we don’t know something, yet we are often willing to help others when they need it. When we do ask we find ourselves with lots of volunteers offering help, even if it’s putting you in contact with someone else if they can’t help you themselves. Quite simply, people like helping other people.

Support can be practical

Support doesn’t have to be just on the emotional side. There’s a great benefit from getting practical support too as this helps you to achieve more and get things done.

Its amazing how you can move things forward, I spent months feeling ‘stuck’ about how I could set up this website as I didn’t know where to start from the technical side or what to write. When I voiced my need for help I quickly found two great people to support me with the technical side and content. Next thing I knew this website was up and running!

Coaching can help

If you are looking for additional support and are unsure where to get it; a coach may be able to help. Working with a coach gives you the opportunity to talk through whatever you want (it’s your time) and have someone who is there purely to support you, that’s not to say they may not challenge you if they feel it’s needed, but they will give you a safe space to explore what’s going on for you and help you find a way to move forward.

Contact me to discuss how working with me can assist you with making changes in your life with support focusing on your needs.

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