The past year has certainly resulted in a lot of changes for us all at work and unfortunately has resulted in a lot of redundancies. If this includes you and you are currently facing redundancy or have recently been made redundant, it can feel a little daunting to get yourself back in the mindset to apply for new roles. Here are my top 7 steps you can take to help yourself through that process and out the other side.

7 Steps you can take to successfully progress through your redundancy:

On top of updating your CV here are my top 7 practical tips for moving forward on your job search as you go through this process

  1. Take control and start thinking about who you know in your network, past colleagues, recruitment consultants, friends etc who can support you in finding your next role through emotional support, practical to help with ideas or new connections. Recently I have seen some great stories on LinkedIn of people contacting connections in their network and finding their next role as a result. You never know what is round the corner until you make that connection.
  2. Be proactive about looking for new roles and seeing what there is out there as this helps to maintain the momentum and you can see progress for yourself. Find the relevant online recruitment websites for your industry and set up notifications for relevant roles being advertised so that you are notified as they are added.
  3. Ask your Company if they provide an outplacement service to help you through the process; this may include help with your cv, interview preparation and confidence. If your Company has an Employee Assistance Programme check to see if they can provide any support.
  4. I have said this in a previous blog but I think it is really important to remind yourself that it is your role that is being made redundant and it is not personal. As hard as it can feel, this is not a personal thing, especially given the current circumstances. Where possible try to remove the personal element from the situation.
  5. If you are working your notice period check with your employer about being able to take reasonable time off for interviews.
  6. Start talking to agencies relevant to your role and industry to help you look for your next role.
  7. Update your LinkedIn profile; make sure you have key words for your role and industry on your profile so you can be found in job searches as well as setting up your own job search for relevant roles.

How I can help:

Contact me to find out how my tailored CV review and interview confidence package can help prepare you for getting ahead in your job search to land your next role.

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