Whilst we are still in another lockdown with the possibility of continued restrictions at the end of it this will mean that for many of us that we are going to remain working from home for the foreseeable future. Winter is also knocking on the door which brings additional challenges on top of our current restrictions to go out so we may find working from home more of a challenge than during the summer months.

Here are my 7 top tips to Stay Sane Working from Home in the Winter:

  1. Exercise during daylight hours or find way you can do it from home if you can’t get out or don’t want to go to the gym. Make sure you get some time out, especially in the darker evenings.
  2. Make sure you have a structure to your day that suits – know when is work vs you time and ensure there is distinction between the two and you get breaks.
  3. Self-care – this is so important and something I often talk about to find ways to continually look after yourself. Think about what revives you, gives you energy or helps to revitalise you and incorporate this on a regular basis.
  4. Support – if you are feeling isolated working from home who can you have a ‘support bubble’ with; even if via zooms or teams etc to catch up with or get support from when you are feeling lonely as well as sharing good times?
  5. Find a way to work in a family home – if you have a family at home as well get everyone on board to see how best you can work together. Reflect on the last few months, consider what has or hasn’t worked well. What can you do more of or change to help everyone in your home during this time?
  6. What support can your Company give you? Don’t forget to check in with your line manager or HR if you feel you need help.
  7. How can you ‘holiday’ from home? If you would normally travel or go on holiday what ways can you bring this into your current home life? How can you get things to look forward to? For example, could you have an evening dedicated to a place you want to go to with meals, lights, decorations, food, music etc for that place? Maybe you could try some sightseeing on line.

What are your tips?

Do you have any tips that have worked for you and helped you with working from home during the winter months. Please feel free to share them below.

Getting more support:

If you are struggling with working from home during these winter months Contact Me to find out how I can support you to find the way to work from home that works for you.