Are you looking at making a career change, worried this means you may need to return to studying and gaining a further qualification but unsure what you may need? Are you worried you don’t have the time, money etc for this?

Don’t let this stop you from making that change. Instead, carrying out a little bit of research may give you more idea of what this could entail as well as some alternatives.

Here are my 7 ways to find out what further studying could involve and mean for you:

  1. Look for examples of roles being advertised that you would be interested in and see what qualifications they are looking for. Check the job description to see if the qualification is essential or beneficial.
  1. Who do you know who does the same role and could advise the best qualification route?
  1. Look for roles where on the job training is offered as this may be a good route in for you.
  1. Find recruitment agencies who specialise in the area you want to move into and chat with them about entry routes.
  1. Check what study may mean – it does not always mean a full time return to study, it could be part-time or on the job training. There are also a lot more online training opportunities now.
  1. Consider your transferable skills – there are likely a lot of skills you have now that you can take to a new career to help you gain momentum and knowledge a lot sooner to complement or even reduce the need for more formal training or qualifications.
  1. Could you try an internship or secondment to gain the experience a qualification may bring?

Work with Me:

We consider whether career change means further studying as part of my Cracking Career Change programme and what that may entail. Contact me to find out how all or elements of this package can help you with determining that next steps whilst increasing your confidence to be able to make your career change.

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