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7 steps you can take to Successfully Come out of Redundancy

The past year has certainly resulted in a lot of changes for us all at work and unfortunately has resulted in a lot of redundancies. If this includes you and you are currently facing redundancy or have recently been made redundant, it can feel a little daunting to get...

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Stop ‘shoulding’ on Yourself over Your Career

Are you worried about whether you should have your career sorted already? Do you spend your time comparing yourself to others, thinking they’ve got themselves sorted and you are yet to “make it”? Do any of the following go through your mind? “I should know it all by...

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3 Ways to Find the Confidence to Make a Career Change Leap

I was talking with someone the other day who wanted to change careers but they were concerned about the risks involved in doing this, their confidence was dropping. They were questioning themselves on whether they were making the right decision, what about their...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Changing your Career

Has the current situation made you reflect on your career choice and do you feel it is no longer the right option for you? Before making a big leap you may want to consider whether making changes to your current career could bring you what you feel is currently...

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5 Tips to Maintain your Confidence during a Redundancy

Redundancy can happen to anyone during their career but sadly with events over the past year a lot more people have been facing redundancy. If you are in this position and you are finding your confidence slipping here are my top 5 tips for helping your confidence...

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Is comparisonitis stopping you in your tracks?

Do you find you are constantly comparing yourself to others? Do you look at colleagues and think they have everything sussed? Stop the comparisonitis (I know it is not a word but it should be!!) - the more we compare ourselves to others the less we feel comfortable...

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