Career change coaching

Is your job affecting your wellbeing? Are you unhappy in your career? I can work with you if you want to make a career change but don’t know where to start.

Are you:


  • Unhappy in your job or career but not sure what to do or where to go?
  • Unsure of whether your job/career is right for you?
  • Wanting to change career but don’t know what you want to do?
  • Feeling stuck in your job/career but don’t know how to change it?
  • Thinking “Is this it? I still have x number of years working and I am no longer fulfilled”?
Together, through career change coaching, we will explore what really makes you tick and create a plan to help you move your career in the right direction. You will be able to:


  • Discover your potential
  • Change your career or its focus
  • Find the right organisation or environment to work in
  • Create and implement a manageable plan to achieve your goal.

Career Change Support

These are my career change support programmes and packages.

Cracking Career Change Programme

Sometimes, making changes within your existing career will make a big difference; it’s not always about completely changing career. Either way, I will support you on your journey to a fulfilling career through my Career Change Programme.

Join my Career Change Programme to discover your ideal career path. Over approximately 12 sessions, we’ll go on a journey of exploration together. We’ll get clarity on what you enjoy, what you’re good at and what you’d really like to do in your career. 

Then we’ll bring your ideas together in one place to create a clear plan and give you the direction you need to make your career changes.

We will do all of this whilst building your confidence, motivation, and focus.

If it will help you, I will introduce hypnotherapy into your sessions, as it’s a wonderful way to break blocks and limiting beliefs. If you’re concerned about hypnotherapy, have a look at my FAQs, as these will dispel some myths about it.

CV Revamp and Interview Package

Does your CV need a good overhaul, but you don’t know where to start?

  • Do you feel a lack of confidence when looking for a new job?
  • Is the thought of attending an interview filling you with dread?
  • Would you like to change this?

My CV revamp and interview confidence package will help you to:

  • Make your CV stand out from the crowd
  • Prepare great examples for interview question responses
  • Increase your confidence ahead of your interviews

Contact me to find out how this tailored package can help you.

Where I work

Coaching is not location specific as I do this online so we can both be based anywhere in the world.


Is your job affecting your work-life wellbeing?

If you think your career is affecting your work-life wellbeing, take a look at my work-life wellbeing page. If you feel unstuck in other areas of your life, see my coaching and hypnotherapy page.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been open for us.

Helen Keller

If you’re ready to take the next step, book your free 30-minute “Getting to know you” call. Or contact me to find out more about how coaching with me can help you.

If what you are looking for isn’t in any of my packages, but you feel we are a good fit, I offer one-to-one bespoke coaching. Arrange a call and we will discuss how I can help.