Are you clear on what your wants and needs are in your career and how this can help you with searching for and deciding on the right role for you? Do you have a career wish list?

My Career Wish List

Three years ago I started to look for a new part-time role in HR knowing that I wanted something to work alongside my coaching business. I had previously had a part-time role but found that it hadn’t worked alongside my business in the way I had hoped. This time, before I started to apply, I took the time to make a list of the must haves I wanted in my role (my “Career Wish List”) and this included:

  • The type of role I was looking for
  • The hours/ days I wanted to work
  • The working environment I wanted to work in
  • The type of manager I wanted to work for
  • The type of team and company I wanted to work with and be a part of
  • The development I was looking for from the role

You get the picture! This meant that when I started my search for a role I was able to concentrate my energy and focus on the right roles for me, helping me to know what to apply for, how to brief agencies on what I wanted and decide what would be right following an interview. It became part of my selection process – after all applying for jobs is a two way process. This resulted me in finding the role that I am currently in and still enjoying.

What does this have to do with you? I wanted to share how useful the initial time spent resulted in saving time and energy; leading me to find a great match for me.

Working with me:

This is where my Career Change Programme can assist you if you are unsure about what to do next in your career. We will take the time to build up the picture to be able to put together your “wish list” so that you can then take that next step on your career path to apply for roles or set up your own business confident that you are taking the step that ticks the boxes of your wish list to save you time and energy and find your perfect match. Contact me to find out how my programme can help you or to sign up.

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