Do you want to make a career change but feel as though you “should” be using the skills and knowledge from your previous qualification but it no longer brings you joy or interest? Are you worried your studies will go to waste?

We often see qualifications as stand-alone but a career change may still mean that you are utilising the skills and knowledge you learnt just in a different way and it may not be as obvious. Here are some things to consider before you think that your qualification is no longer of use.

How your studies can still help going forward:

1. Your qualifications and studies have helped you to get you to where you are now and provide the foundations for the skills and experience you can now take to a new role. Therefore it has been well utilised and will assist in developing you further for your next career path.

2. The years of studying will have given you opportunities outside of the traditional knowledge you have learnt, such as if you went to University learning to live away from home, soft skills, friends and connections; all of which will still be there going forward.

3. Think about the transferable skills from your studies. What you have studied will likely still include skills and knowledge you can use elsewhere but in a different way. What key skills and knowledge did you gain and how else could you utilise these skills in your new career?

By seeing these skills in a different way and alternative ways you can use them in a new career means you will be able to take benefits from your studies and put them to use in a way that gives you more enjoyment and passion, therefore continuing to make use of your studies.

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