If you are attending an interview for a new role which is a change in career for you here are my top tips on how to approach this.

No matter what type of interview you are attending I always recommend approaching your preparation from the following perspectives:

1 – what do you want to know to be able to decide if it’s the right role for you; and

2 – what will they want to know to decide if you are their ideal candidate

You can then prepare your questions to ask and consider what they will ask.

What to consider for the interview:

  • Be positive about your previous career/ manager/ role. It may not be right for you anymore but it once was and has given you lots of skills and experience to take elsewhere.
  • Be able to explain your change so that the interviewer feels reassured you won’t change your mind/ you know this is the right step for you. For example consider What you have learnt about the new career or industry to know that it’s the right step for you? What do you know about yourself to know that this change is the right step for you?
  • Know what it is about their role/ company / industry that’s right for you and what can you bring to it.
  • Whilst your cv will show different roles to the one you are now interviewing for make sure you have highlighted the transferable skills, knowledge and experience you can bring to their role and be ready to discuss these at the interview.
  • If you may need to train, show a willingness to learn – while you may not have done any formal training/ qualifications for a while what on the job/ less formal training have you done? Have you done any training outside of work? These show an ability as well as a willingness to widen your skill set/ knowledge.

Working with me:

If you are looking for support with increasing your confidence and putting your energy and focus into presenting your best self at interview whilst building your motivation and focus, contact me to arrange a call to find out if my interview confidence session is right for you.

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