Are you used to working in a team but feeling on your own with making your career change? Are you the person that always helps others but never asks for help yourself? Who is in your support network? Don’t forget you have your own team there ready to support you.

Ask for help:

Yes, it’s that simple!! Asking for help is so important, yet we are often afraid to admit we don’t know something or need help but it’s only natural, as we go through life, we won’t always have the answer.  Especially considering how often we are willing to help others ourselves but don’t put our hand up when we need it. Chances are you will know someone who does know how to help or who can put you in contact with someone who does. Remember, people like helping other people.

Who is the first person you can ask for help?

Who is in your support network?

Have a think about who you know, not just currently but also previous contacts, past colleagues, people you met on training courses etc.  In particular think about the following:

           Who has successfully made a career change?

If you’re considering a career change talk to your friends, connections and people in your network who have changed careers.  What did they do?  How did they go about it?  Who do you know who is in the new role, career, industry you want to move into – talk to them about what is required to get into this, what advise could they give you to help you make the move? Who can help/ support you?

Who is working in the role/ industry you want to move into?

They may know of any openings or someone who could help you with an opening or perhaps could suggest ways to move into a new industry ie what type of knowledge and experience is looked for.

By tapping into your network and finding the right people to support you will enable you to have that team you are used to having being there for you and will help you along the way to achieve your goals.

How to get my support:

If you would like to add my support to your team contact me to arrange a free discovery call to find out if my Cracking Career Change Programme or any elements of it is a good fit for you to gain clarity and inspiration, along with my support at each step, to put together a plan to move forward on your new career path.

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