Client Journeys

Read what some of my clients say about my coaching and hypnotherapy services

JB – Learn your Superpower Session


I did Claire’s “Find Your Superpower” session and found it even more useful than I expected. Claire helped me identify and most importantly articulate my key skills, and also gave me useful advice on next steps.

Claire’s style is thorough, methodical and supportive, and she made sure I got what I wanted from the session. If you want to get clear or clearer on what your unique combination of skills is, I would highly recommend this.

AW – Career Change Programme


I have recently completed the Career Change Programme with Claire, and it far exceeded my expectations.

I run my own business, but I was starting to question whether it was the right business for me. I wanted clarity about whether I should continue with my business, start a new business, or go back into employment. What I got from the programme was so much more. It didn’t just cover work, but every area of life. I now understand what really matters to me, and what I need in life to be fulfilled and happy, as well as the clear career plan that I was looking for.

We finished the programme before the coronavirus pandemic, and I’m so grateful during these uncertain times that I have the clarity I got from the programme to keep me positive, motivated and focused. We developed a whole bank of career options during the programme, and it is incredibly reassuring to know that I have other plans to fall back on if needed.

Claire is a great listener, she is supportive, non-judgmental and a reassuring, calming person to be around. It is clear she has a wealth of expertise and experience to draw on, and she offers useful insights and suggestions specific to your individual circumstances.

If you are thinking about a career change, or you are feeling unfulfilled with your career or your life, I would highly recommend working with Claire. This is the best programme I have done over seven years of training, personal development and coaching.

JT – Overcoming blocks, ‘A-ha’ moments and finding answers


Claire has the innate ability to not only find the source of what blocks you from achieving all those things you dream of but works with you to move through and past them.

What I love about the sessions is that they’re not predictable, Claire applies different techniques best suited to the topic, issue or situation. Not only that, the sessions have always been directed by what I was most focused on or consumed with at the time and Claire would work with me to find the answers and solutions so I could move past it – rather than it set me back for months, as it had done in the past.

I’ve had many ‘A-Ha!’ moments during my sessions with Claire which have subsequently enabled me to achieve many goals and set my sights on more.

So, if you want to take a leap into something new like a change of job, if you feel stuck in a situation or you just want help with finding out what it is you do want – then I’d highly recommend booking in some sessions with Claire!

MS – CV Revamp and Interview Confidence Package


From our call I gained a different perspective on how my CV looks and knowledge about CVs that I did not have before (key words, achievements, languages etc. are valid). It helped me to fill my CV with more important things about what I do and make it sound more professional and exciting.

The process was very calm and friendly. I was made to feel comfortable about my experience and skills regardless of what I was lacking.

JW – CV review

My cv was disorganised, had no natural flow and desperately  needed an overhaul.

Claire and I went through it diligently and she gave me additional tools on how to optimise my skills relating to each job I would soon be applying for.

She was patient, kind listened to my questions and was professional throughout. 

I would recommend Claire for anyone whose cv has been sitting on a dusty shelf that needs updating.

GR – Overcoming barriers and making decisions

My coaching experience with Claire has been truly invaluable. Claire coached me during a time of change and intense pressure in my career. Her insightful and, at times, challenging questioning of my thinking patterns has helped me to overcome many barriers to getting things done and achieving the next steps for my career and my business. Her patient, discerning and focused approach means that I got to the heart of the issues I was facing with my life choices and the coaching made a real and tangible difference to my work life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire Be Coaching.

SW – Refocusing and setting a new path


My work with Claire was life changing. In 6 weeks, I went from feeling lost and stuck with no direction for my business to feeling centred, with a different mindset. I now have a “can do” attitude, which is wonderful.

JR – Reducing work stress


My job was causing me lots of unexplained stress – despite trying numerous ways of relaxing, I couldn’t shake the feelings of stress and overwhelm. Hypnotherapy with Claire has really turned things around for me. I no longer react in the same way to stressful situations and I feel much calmer generally. It’s amazing not to have the overwhelm chatter going on in my head. Claire has a gentle, calm and professional manner and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing through hypnotherapy.

AY – Developed confidence and self-belief

Claire was a great listener and always made me feel at ease. It was great that I could talk and not be judged or told what I should do; but rather given the opportunity to say out loud what I needed to do for me and make conclusions. She was helpful and gave me extra information when needed. This opportunity has given me the confidence and self-belief to do what I needed to do to be happier.

RM – Enormously positive impact


I found my sessions with Claire invaluable. The chance to think through the different parts of my life and come up with strategies for thinking about them and dealing with them both internally and externally.  Some of the simple changes I made have had an enormously positive impact on my business and, therefore, my life.

CC – Great listener and helped me focus


Claire is a professional life coach and my sessions with her have really helped me to make the changes l needed to make. Claire is a great listener and showed empathy as l opened up to her. I particularly found the weekly feedback forms useful in making me think about what l had achieved and what areas l needed to work on, which helped me focus on relevant areas in my coaching sessions.

AW – Restoring work-life balance


I have been having coaching with Claire to help me clarify both my business and life goals. I always tend to take on too much, and my coaching sessions with Claire have been invaluable in helping me to get a better balance. I have been able to make decisions I have been struggling with for a while, and feel much more focused, less stressed and in control.

Claire has a lovely way about her that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and like you could talk to her about anything – she is friendly, professional, calm, and non-judgmental, and she really cares about people and their wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or under too much pressure, I highly recommend coaching with Claire.

JD – New perspective and enlightening

My sessions with Claire have been a great help. They were very easy and comfortable, just like time with a friend but one who brings a new perspective and not just saying what you want to hear.

The hypnotherapy helped to deal with some issues I had been struggling with, as well as enlightening me about things I had not really been aware of, which in turn helped with other matters.

Claire is very easy to talk to and very calming. The sessions felt safe and like a haven to unload without feeling judged or misunderstood. I learnt a number of useful techniques to help me, as well as being able to look at things from different perspectives. Thank you, Claire.

CM – Overcoming fear of flying

I have had a phobia all of my adult life. I didn’t fly for 15 years; my phobia was so bad. When I turned 40 I decided I had to fly again, so I could take my son on a plane. I started flying again but I didn’t enjoy it all. Seeing Claire has completely changed my mindset about flying. I always viewed anything to do with planes – including the airport – as some kind of punishment. Claire has taught me how to view things completes differently and that going to an airport or getting on a plane can be fun.

RD – Overcoming procrastination

I had never had, nor considered, hypnotherapy before; however, when Claire mentioned that she could help people with procrastination, I felt I had to give it a try.

I had no idea what to expect, but Claire is extremely professional and immediately made me feel really comfortable. Every session was calm and felt informal.

Claire used a variety of techniques and exercises to help me work out what I was doing in terms of procrastination and why (some of the things I was doing that I had told myself were useful or even necessary turned out to just be other ways of putting off the real work that needed to be done!). She then gave me the time, space and tools I needed to address this. In just six sessions, I feel that I have taken huge steps forward and am now being far more productive than before.

AM: Overcoming fear of driving


I’ve always had a fear of driving since I was young and had 2 car crashes with my dad driving at 15 & 18!!

I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26 and only drove for a few years before moving to London when I was 30 and sold my car and have hardly driven since! I’m now 46!

I’ve driven my partner’s car a little over the past 7 years but last year decided enough was enough and got some help with it all from the lovely Claire. I saw Claire for hypnotherapy over 6 sessions over a few months whilst also taking some advance driving lessons. Claire taught me some great relaxation techniques along with creating some positive mindsets before I even get in front of the wheel. I’m still scared of the thought of driving but once I’m in the car and I put these techniques into practice, I have to say I really do think it has made a difference. Claire was lovely and really understanding of my phobia and would thoroughly recommend her if you need help with any issue.

HA: Overcoming fear of snakes


I highly recommend Claire. She really helped me overcome my snake phobia. I had the phobia for years, I could not even bear to see them on the TV. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, so was not sure what to expect. Claire instantly made me feel at ease. I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to put me into a relaxed state. We had a few sessions and now I can watch a snake on the TV without panicking. I even managed to walk all the way through the reptile gallery at the museum, something I could have never done before. I would definitely recommend Claire.