What do I mean by Sensory Overload?

I was talking with a friend the other day about how I felt that I was experiencing a sensory overload at the moment. I am so grateful for technology to enable me to work from home, keep in touch with my family and friends, play games, watch films and listen to music. However, I am finding a feeling of overwhelm from so much sensory information during the day and evening.

I realised that I am spending far more time looking at a screen and talking on the phone than I would do normally as these have become the replacement for meeting up face to face. On some occasions I have a zoom call on one screen and a game on the other that we are playing and going between the two!! On top of this I am using headphones for calls more which for me increases the intensity of the call and therefore the experience for my senses.

Last Wednesday I decided to give myself an evening off, I didn’t look at my phone, laptop, or tv and I had some much needed time away from it. I did a little sorting in the flat, actually read a physical book as well as for a while doing nothing and it felt great. I am going to make sure I have more of these times each week whilst the current situation continues to ensure I allow myself that time to recharge.

Am I the only one?

I was wondering if anyone else was feeling the same? If this is you then consider giving yourself a break, what else could you be doing (and that includes having a bit of time doing nothing!)?

  • Do you normally listen to music whilst you are working at your computer, perhaps try working without the music or with music rather than the radio.
  • If you want to be doing something, what activities could you be doing that don’t involve a screen?
  • If there are other people in the house, use this as an opportunity for a good old fashioned chat.
  • Don’t forget that doing nothing is actually doing something because it could be just the thing you need to rest and recharge; allowing your mind some much needed time off.

If this connects with you please do share your experiences below and how you have helped yourself to manage this feeling.

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