This week is National Work Life Week in the UK, an annual campaign organised by Working Families, to get both employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work-life fit. It is an opportunity for employers to show their employees and potential candidates how their organisation is striving for a family-friendly and flexible working culture.

If you are not in the UK, your Company isn’t doing anything or if you work for yourself, this is a great opportunity to look at what’s working for you, what you would like to change and how you can go about that. These are my top 7 tips to improve your work life.

7 tips to help improve your work life:

  1. Go home or walk away from your desk on time:

If you are finding that your working days stretches beyond your working hours try to set one day that you leave the office or walk away from your desk on time. If that feels too much to do at once maybe leave half an hour earlier than you would normally and then, on another day, a bit earlier. Start somewhere and take it step by step.

  1. Exercise:

This doesn’t have to be a full on gym session but could be a short walk, 5 minutes HIIT or using your commute to exercise by walking or cycling to work. I have taken the opportunity to sign up for an online fitness class as there are currently lots being offered, a great way to connect with some new people whilst getting fit.

How can you add exercise into your day?

  1. Eating healthily:

What we eat can impact both positively and negatively on our energy levels. Knowing what foods boost you will help to improve your wellbeing at work and aid your concentration and alertness.

What are your “go-to” foods to boost your energy?

  1. Ensure you “switch off”:

A lot of us have difficulty ‘leaving work behind’, ie you physically leave but mentally you’re still whirling around ideas, replaying conversations or thinking about your inbox? With the current situation this may be more prevalent as, for many, our office is also our home. If you struggle to switch off at the end of the day, as many of us do, imagine you’re leaving the daily thoughts of work in a box somewhere, this could be the drawer at your desk.  Close your eyes and imagine physically boxing all those ideas up, open the drawer and place the box in the drawer or somewhere else in your home (or just outside it) and put the ideas and thoughts away.

This process will help your mind to close the thoughts of the day away, knowing that they will be there ready to pick up the next day, but now you can turn your thoughts to what you’re doing for the rest of the day.

Do you have a ‘leave your work at work’ tip that helps you?  Please feel free to share it in the comments below.

  1. Reflection:

How have you found working during this pandemic? Are you still working from home or more flexibly? Has it changed how you work? Is there anything you have started that you would like to continue going forward in the way that you work? Use the current situation as an opportunity to reflection on your working habits what you would like to start, stop or continue to do going forward.

  1. Check out your Company’s support:

Use this time as an opportunity to find out or remind yourself what benefits your organisation provides to support wellbeing at work. These may include:

  • Private healthcare – these may provide assistance with mental as well as physical health
  • Annual medical
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAPs) – (a confidential helpline providing support such as counselling, financial advice, child and elder care information and legal information
  • Gym membership
  • Bike loans/ cycle to work
  • Meditation rooms
  • Break out areas
  • Paid/ unpaid leave other than holiday
  • Mentors/ coaching
  1. Remind yourself of past wins:

When we get caught up in the day to day we often forget the things that will support us so think about the things that you have found successful in the past that have helped you with your work life and if you aren’t doing them how can you re-introduce them?

My “go-to” is to always take a break; no matter how busy I am or think I don’t have time, a 10 minute walk around the block can reenergise me so much.

Share your initiatives and ideas:

Is your workplace doing anything this week as part of this campaign feel free to share what initiatives they are showcasing or activities taking place. Also, please do share your own tips on what you have found successful.

Working with me:

If you are struggling with your work life balance and wellbeing at work, take a look at how working with me can help you find those beneficial solutions and balance to help you have a calmer and more energised work life balance. Get in contact to arrange your free getting to know you call to find out more.

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