There may be times when you return to work after a period of absence. For example, this might be after a career break, maternity leave, long-term sickness, study etc.

I’ve done this twice now, following a sabbatical and taking time off for studying. So, I know from experience that it can bring up a multitude of emotions like fear, uncertainty or lack of confidence.

These are my top tips to help you successfully prepare your return to work:

Give yourself a confidence boost

Remind yourself of times when you have felt confident at work. Remember how you felt and what you were doing to feel confident. It may seem like a distant memory but it’s good to remind yourself. Remember, you have successfully done this before and will be able to do it again!

Be kind to yourself 

Give yourself time to get back into the swing of it. Whether you’re returning to the same company or starting with a new one, there may be different processes, procedures or people now. So, give yourself time to get up to speed and get to know them.

Review your CV

Even if you’re returning to the same company, it’s a good idea to review it. Remind yourself of what you previously achieved, what projects you completed and your successes in past roles. It will also help you remember your skills and knowledge. You may not have used them for a while, but they’re still there.

Consider any training you may need 

Before you return, think about whether you will need any training (on the job or formal) or support. Talk to your line manager or HR to see how you can get help.

Get up to speed 

Are there any company or industry changes that happened while you were away? Where can you find this information? Who can help you get up to speed? Maybe see if you can “buddy up” with someone on your team to talk you through any changes or new systems.
Most importantly, take your return one step at a time. Find out what support is available both internally and externally to help you.
Do any of these tips resonate with you? What is holding you back and how can you turn this around?

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