If you have taken a career break for a while and are now looking at options to return to the workplace you may want to look at a return to work (returner) programme. A number of organisations provide these programmes specifically designed to help people return to work in a structured process after a significant period of absence from the workplace and this often includes coaching and mentoring as well as skills training.

Who are Returner Programmes for?

These programmes are put in place as they understand that a transition period may be needed and could assist a returner more successfully. Individuals considered for these programmes include those who have:

  • Take a career break to raise a family
  • Had to stop work to recover from an illness and are now well enough to return
  • Left industry/ the corporate world to set up their own business
  • Been caring for a relative or friend
  • Been travelling
  • Been studying
  • Taken some time out

Which Companies have Return to Work Programmes?

The following organisations are either currently recruiting for (* – at the time of publishing) or have had returner programmes (check on their websites for details how to be advised when they are next up and running):

Company Who is the programme for?
Amazon (*) If you have been out of the workforce for two or more years.
Aviva For finance professionals returning to work after an extended career break of two years or more
Barclays Individuals who have taken a career break preparing to re-enter the workforce.
Credit Suisse If you are going back to work after a voluntary, extended leave
Deloitte Individuals returning from an extended career break of two years or more
EY Offers a supported route back into work following a career break of between two and 10 years.
Film London For parents who have had a career break due to childcare and carers who have left the industry to look after relatives.
KPMG Qualified audit professionals who are looking for flexibility; ensuring that they can balance their commitments at home with a return to work.
Macquarie Seeking to return to work following a voluntary professional career break of at least 2 years.
Mastercard Designed to enable highly-experienced people who were working at mid-management level before taking a break from their careers (of two years or more) to re-enter the workplace.
Morgan Stanley Individuals who have taken a career break for two years or more.
Morgan Sindall Someone who has had a voluntary career break of at least 18 months
Shell Individuals who have taken time out of work for at least the last twelve months
Siemens If you have taken a career break of two years or more and re-entering the workplace
UBS If you have been out of the traditional workplace for two years or more.

If you are feeling daunted by returning from work after a period of being away from it take a look as these companies as they understand your current situation and have already helped others in the same situation as you make the transition back to work.

Return to Work Collaborations

In addition there are collaborations providing support such as:

  • Diversity Project – The Diversity Project is partnered with Women Returners to launch the Diversity Project: Cross-Company Returner Programme, an exciting new returnship in London. Participating employers include BlackRock, BNY Mellon, Fidelity Investments, Legal and General Investment Management, Schroders, State Street Global Advisory and Willis Towers Watson.
  • TechUK – the UK’s leading technology membership organisation, has details of dedicated tech returners programme.
  • FDM – offers a Getting Back to Business Programme in London, Leeds and Glasgow specifically designed to bridge the gap between taking a career break and re-entering the workplace. Assist with training and upskilling alongside work experience.

What to do if the return to work programme is not currently available?

If the return to work programme is not available at the moment here are some ideas of what you can use the time to prepare yourself for when they do become available:

  • Update your cv and covering letter – it is likely you will need at least your cv to be able to apply for any schemes
  • Look at training – what skills would you like to refresh or perhaps learn which you would be able to use in the programme or going forward? There are lots of places offering free online courses at the moment so you could take the opportunity for those.
  • Carry out some research on the companies you would be interested in joining.

How I can help:

If you are looking to return to work but are unsure what you want to do on your return please contact me for a free call to discuss your next steps and find out if my career transition programme is right for you to help you gain clarity, focus and motivation.

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