In an age when technology means that we can be contacted 24/7 and there is more fluidity between work and home space, especially when you work for yourself from home, one of the important things to look at for your work-life wellbeing is your boundaries at both home and work. When our boundaries are crossed this can have a great impact on our wellbeing and therefore it is important to know what is right for us and protect our needs.

Can you re-set your boundaries?

It may feel easier to set your boundaries when you start a new job as you can decide your intentions beforehand and ensure you stick to them or any ‘bending’ is an exception rather than becoming a rule. However, it is still very possible to re-set your boundaries in a current job; decide what you want to change, break it down into small manageable steps and take the first step. We often are surprised that it is often ourselves who set the expectations rather than other people and once we are clear about what we will and will not accept other people also accept this.

I myself have done it in a previous job when I got into the habit of arriving early, leaving late checking emails on the train and at the weekend before I had my lightbulb moment and realised the impact it was having on my health and wellbeing. I chose one habit at a time and started to change them. When I did change, did anyone complain? Did anything go wrong? Did the world fall apart? No, no and no! Did it improve my life? Absolutely – I just wished I had done it sooner. Take it one day at a time, have a bit of patience with others if they need to get used to your new way of working but with small, consistent changes you can start taking back control.

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