Are you worried about whether you should have your career sorted already? Do you spend your time comparing yourself to others, thinking they’ve got themselves sorted and you are yet to “make it”? Do any of the following go through your mind?

“I should know it all by now”

“I shouldn’t be starting over again”

“I should stay where I am, I am too old to change”

Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself, ignore the mind monkeys, take a step back as here are a few alternatives for you to consider:

  • It’s okay to change your mind. The days of lifelong careers have changed. Remember back to when you first started your career, are you still the same person you were then? Chances are the answer’s no. We normally make decisions about our careers in our late teens early 20’s. Whilst what we decide may be right at that point in time, over time we learn so much more about ourselves. Career options also develop. It’s important to remember, it’s okay to change your mind.
  • Notice and change how you talk to yourself. There is a lot going on at the moment, a lot of unexpected change, things out of our control etc. During this time don’t forget to stop and think about how you are talking to yourself. Focus on what you say to yourself and make sure that you support yourself with your words. If you are not being supportive of yourself with your words, connect in with why not and start to change those words around. How you would be supporting a friend in the same situation? After all would you say to someone else what you are saying to yourself? Change the ‘should’, ‘must’ and judgement to ‘want’, supportive and positive words.
  • Concentrate on your achievements instead of looking at the ‘lack of’, ‘not achieved’, ’missing’ or ‘behind on’. It will help build your confidence and also serves as a reminder of how much you will be able to take with you into a new career. It’s amazing how much of what you have already achieved will be transferable so you’re starting further up the rung of the ladder rather than starting over again. Your life experience alone is invaluable.

Looking for more help with increasing your confidence?

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