When looking for a new career before getting into the specifics of the role you want to do it is useful to get a bigger picture view of what you would like to include in the way that you work as well as the content of your work. This will help clarify whether a career option would fit in with your overall needs.

These are my top 7 topics to consider when exploring your options for a new career:

  1. What are my strengths? We are often asked in interviews about our strengths and are recommended to reflect on them as they help interviewers determine what we can bring to a role. On top of that we often find that we get great satisfaction from doing what we do best. Therefore in exploring options for a new career looking at your strengths can help develop ideas and themes for you to consider for future roles and utilising what you already know in a different way. Think about ones you may not have used for a while as well as current ones.
  2. What do I enjoy doing? Do not just consider your work for this, think about your hobbies (both current and past). Think about whether you like doing these as part of a team or solo.
  3. How do I want to work? Consider whether you want to work as part of a team, flexibly, what hours, involving travel, office based etc. Go beyond the obvious and allow your mind to reflect on what would be your ideal way to work.
  4. Where do I want to work? This is not just about location, if it is from home think about your home set up and how this would work from you. If you are working in an office would this be open plan? Again let your mind reflect on different ways of working to determine your ideal place to work.
  5. What skills do I have? These do not just need to be just those in 1 or 2. Think about ones you may not have used for a while. Reflect on how much you enjoy using them as well so that you can rate them on your strongest and most enjoyable.
  6. What are my values? These are our often unconscious but important internal barometers that link in with what motivates and fulfils us. Working in a way that connects with our values can bring us more satisfaction.
  7. What is missing in my current career? What would I need to do or add to make it better? Think about all the above these when looking at this as well as anything else that comes up for you.

Going through each one will help you build up a picture to what your future career could look like and include.

If you need more help?

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