Work with me

What do I do?  

I am a qualified Career Change Coach, transformational Life Coach, Integrative NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I support my clients in finding their ideal career path whilst building their confidence, motivation and focus on the way. This often includes helping them to break the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts that are holding them back, quiet the negative voices in their heads, discover their potential, change their career or its focus, and overcome their fears.

My HR background (including recruitment), coaching and hypnotherapy experience gives me a solid grounding to help clients achieve a sense of wellbeing at work, set personal expectations, increase personal confidence and make important changes to set them on their ideal career path.

I am expertly positioned to help with career choices and life paths that are available and suitable for you.


How I Work

At Claire Be Coaching, I work in an integrative, client-centred way – I get to know you and your needs, understand where you are and work in a way that suits you as a person and what you bring to each session.

I can quickly help you unravel the challenges you face and give you some much needed clarity and a fresh perspective.

I go at your pace; you can have sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly. What would work best for you?

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